Thursday, October 7, 2010

Free Data Entry Make $60 In 5 min

If you are searching for free data entry, I have great news for you. Forget online typing, I will tell you a method where you can make $60 in 5min and do this every time you fell like making some money.
The best thing is you don’t even need to type, you make money by clicking! Here is how it works, you make $0.60 every time you click your mouse.
Click your mouse once and you get $0.60, click your mouse 100 times and you get paid $60 and it takes around 5 min, easy money right? What it means is more you click more money you make, now isn’t that easier than make money with free data entry or online data entry jobs.
As per my knowledge this is the fastest way to make $60 in 5 min. Now imagine how much can you make if you work more than 5 min? Nice!
Here is some background:
  • For any website to make money, they need visitors. Social bookmarking sites are one of the free, rich sources of traffic for websites.
  • In order for these websites to get traffic from social bookmarking sites, they must be voted by other visitors.
This is where you can make more money compared to other free data entry or online data entry jobs. Social bookmarking sites are free to join and to vote you just need to click ‘yes or no’ or similar for a particular site and get paid for Each click. Any ways to start making $60 every 5 min for free check out the website here


Kevin Mike said...

where to go and click yes or no

Kevin Mike said...

where to go and click yes or no, can you give me the social website addressed please

kelsbells said...

The link to the website does not work. Can you please send it to Thanks

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